So many woman feel like the way they orgasm is “weird” when in reality it’s common.

I find myself reassuring women all day long in my sex therapy practice. Many, many, many women have orgasms while on their stomachs and not when they are on their backs. Really? Really and Truly? YES!

I don’t know what it is about the “stomach orgasm” that makes so many…

A sex therapist explains why it is so hard for many of us to access fantasy, and how to fix that

People worry about their fantasy life way too much. I’m not sure when, or how, as a society, we lost our ability to distinguish between imagination and real life, but I know that loss of distinction impacts us in many unhealthy ways. …

When it comes to verbal communication during sex, we are not good at communicating what turns us on.

As a sex therapist, I’m often working with people to normalize “sex talk” and help clients understand what gets in the way.

Most of us fall into one of two categories: the romantic and the hard core but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Women are often scared…

You may have heard the term “use it or lose it” about your vagina and thought it was tongue in cheek. I’m actually here to tell you that it isn’t.

Recently, I was talking to some people in the marketing department at the sexual health center I run, and I mentioned the “use it or lose it” principle. They started to laugh. “Well, that’s just an expression, isn’t it?” one of them asked.

“Actually, no, not really. It’s a real…

For one brief glorious moment, I went viral on TikTok, and then, unceremoniously, I was killed off.

I’ll admit it. It was a lark and an accident when I went viral on TikTok. I’m a 59-year-old licensed sex therapist, and my talented assistant on social media had been haranguing me to get on TikTok. “You’ll do great. They love people like you on TikTok,” Which I took…

I loved this piece so much. I too think that being fat is one of the last bastions of acceptable prejudice. And it goes deep and wide. And people can now cover it up by saying they are worried about your health.

The thing that is really striking is that I see it with therapists too!!! I recently wrote an article about a conferene I was out years ago where therapists were essentially bullying fat people and I didnt' have the guts to stand up and respond. I didn't have the guts because I was fat and too ashamed. It still haunts me.

Anyhow, thank you. And good luck!

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus

Bridging the psychological & medical in sexual health. Sex Therapist & Clinical Director of Maze Women’s Health. Author: #sexpoints

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